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local politics and children

Listening to my local NPR station per usual, I heard a piece via "Lake Effect", a local show examining random local stories from politics to entertainment to education to art.  Today they were examining education.  To be honest, I wasn't paying attention.   They interviewed some woman who asked that when it comes to the "no child left behind" act, what counts as a "failing" school? 

Quite frankly, I retort in my head, its any school that fails to teach its students and prepare them for the real world and create competitive individuals.  As much as many might hate it, this state and nearly every other well developed state in the world are capitalism based and therefore people must be competitive in order to make themselves thriving and productive individuals in society. 

Don't get me wrong, I can't say that I agree with everything that the No Child Left Behind Act.  I honestly know very little about it. 

But reason for this post is not this segment but the short segment thereafter.  They have a gentleman who said that his daughter's high school had set up a system where he, as a parent, can hop online and look at his child's current standing via an online teacher's grade book. 

The parental voice of the narrative asked why it was that he had to watch over his daughter who has been in school for 10 years.  All I can do is shake my head. 

Is it that after a child is in high school, you should no longer care about the child's life?  the child's education?  Perhaps you should care, you just shouldn't get involved?

There are reasons why individuals are not given certain rights or obligations until they are 18, because they are not entirely capable of making the best decisions.  Not only this, but  what about inner city families?  Is it only the outside culture that causes a child to never succeed and resort to violence or drugs before they reach high school?  Perhaps the cause is the school itself?  Perhaps its the friends they choose?  It certainly can't be because the child's parents don't get involved in their child's life.

Wake up ppl!!!  The world may not be going to hell in a hand basket but too many ppl in this country are weaving their own fancy baskets to start floating down the river!!!
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