Severus (polystyrenehart) wrote in poli_issues,

Tasers galore!

Don't get me wrong.  I love a good taser video.  But, if you watch most of the videos available via youtube or any other sort of outfit, you'll see he was already subdued by 4 cops plus one yelling cop demanding he get on his stomach. 

Yes, he initially resisted and even attempted to run at one point.  But guess what?  the law says that an individual has no right to further inflict harm on someone once an individual is subdued.  In terms of the cops?  Should they not be held to the same standards!!??

The cops were only looking for an easy way out.  He was on the floor and subdued.  Four men on top of him holding his extremities.  Where was he suppose to go?  What was he suppose to do?  Incite a riot?  I believe the sound of the taser and a man yelling "Ouw.  Ouw Ouw.  Why did you taser me?" would count as more of an attempt at inciting a riot. 
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