Severus (polystyrenehart) wrote in poli_issues,

New Orleans and Iraq...the found link

For starters, I can't agree with a withdrawal from Iraq.  I can't agree with the way we think we could possibly create democracy there.  So, what is one to agree with?  Don't know actually.  Maybe promise to keep the peace while the central government creates its own normalcy. 

What's the similarity between this and New Orleans? 

Well, all too often when our government fails to provide normalcy in very media-friendly areas, the government and its supporters blame everyone else. 

In New Orleans the poor who are trying to go back and rebuild are to blame for the clean up being so slow.  Its been two years as of this coming Wednesday.  That said, the government and many supporters of the administration have argued that it is because of the poor who live there, not the government, that New Orleans is still the flood wasteland it is.  The government provided small amounts of cash to those who stayed, cheap housing, and water and small amounts of food.  This is not a bad response.  What is bad is that the central government has not paid for the losses from that flood even though insurance companies won't.  This would not be required by the government if it wasn't the FAULT of the government that the flood occurred.  The government owes more to that poverty-stricken city.  And, yes, I think much of it has to do with the poverty in that area...not the color of the area.  But also because most other flood areas are wealthy areas because flood areas require you to live near big rivers and lakes and oceans...expensive property.  Not poor slums.  The wealthy are more capable of rebuilding themselves.   The government owes that city.

Iraq?  A similar outcome.  The government goes in.  I agreed with that move because even France and Russia believed Iraq had or was currently working on the infamous WMDs.   Once we took out the Hussain government all went wrong.  Too much to explain here but it did.  Now, after just over 4 years, the government has found its way out of the mix...blame the Iraqis.  During the last Presidential State of the Union address I called Melanie and told her that Bush had made clear to the world that he had found his back door and it was only a matter of time before he used it.  Today I'm seeing that back door being used...slowly.  Nearly every Republican has said that the Iraqis have not held up there end of the bargain and we are losing men and women because of it...bring the boys home.  It is only a matter of time before Bush has no choice but to follow his flock.  The Iraqi government is comprised of people who have NEVER run a government.  How is it that such individuals should "hold up there end of ANY bargain" when they are only 2-3 years old and have also never lived in a democracy.  That's two strikes...the politicians have never governed before and the citizenry has never lived in democracy.

The government should claim responsibility when it is due.  In each of these cases it is most certainly due. 
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